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Denis - DCSki Supporter
3 months ago

Total hip replacement on Monday.  I came home yesterday afternoon Pretty heavily drugged.  While suffering a bit, I consider this to have been the dodging of a bullet, although I can’t be certain until 2 weeks have passed.  Hospital systems, driven by government Regulators and fear of liability have established rehab centers for patients who do not progress according to guidelines.  Many of these centers are in or next door to nursing homes.  A friend warned me about this, for which I am very grateful.  It was not easy to suffer the first 24 hours post-op.  But I gritted my teeth and did everything possible to convince them I was having the greatest recovery in history so I could get the he** out of there.  Did it now because San Francisco has a remarkably low COVID rate.  The bad numbers for California as a whole are coming from 5 counties around LA and San Diego.  I don’t expect that to last and elective surgeries will likely be shut down soon.

I hope you all are well and safe.


Scott - DCSki Editor
3 months ago

I’m glad you were able to have your surgery and dodge some of the issues related to COVID.  Best wishes for a continued speedy recovery.

3 months ago

Follow doctor orders!

JimK - DCSki Columnist
3 months ago

Best wishes for a speedy recovery Denis.  Keep us informed with an occasional update on your status.

3 months ago

Stay safe and heal Denis! Your sense of humor in such a tough situation is admirable.


3 months ago

Hi Denis, i have left hip replacement coming end of July.  Keep us posted. Skiers being active do well.

I have a good team and the recovery is their own wing, we all get tested coviid starting a week out.

I have a prehab program and able to walk 1/2 mile a day. with min pain meds. 

 5mg hydrocodone and 7.5 maloxicam a day. 

I hope to be in hospital 1 day. Like you don’t want to hang around.  

MD covid wise is doing well so far.  

I wish you the best. 

This link is my summary for THA and Skiing - hase sources - you may like to read.

i do a risk analysis for myself, but find interesting science.

covers wear, heat, load.  i found a drunk stumble is high hip load. 


My prehab is much more then min requirements:  My Goal is 90% + range of motion before end of july.

1/2 mile walk, stairs, Stretch bands and upper body weights. daily. 

Added Vit/min iron and I am Low Vit D so added that. 

this is a link to download my pre and post rehab 


All the best denis 

Ed aka Zardog  

Denis - DCSki Supporter
3 months ago

Should anyone need to photobomb a zoom meeting, I have a magnificent bandage on my ssa.  Opportunities like this don’t come along often.  😲

3 months ago

Hi Denis,  question was it anterior or the other method? I hear first 3 days are the hardest ? any comments

How was your ROM and abilty to walk before surg?  I have anterior coming end of July. ROM is now 95%+

I can walk 3/4 mile with min pain med. I just added a TRX suspension at home , my PT guy said it would help pre and post rehab.

I wish you a speedy recovery.  Ed Fowler Zardog 

Bionic I wish they just give reg function parts no add on Bionic.


3 months ago

Ed you monkey! You sent the admin url for the upload! It should be something like /wp-content/uploads/2020/?????


skiracerx wrote:


All the best denis 

Ed aka Zardog  


Denis - DCSki Supporter
3 months ago

skiracerx wrote:

Hi Denis,  question was it anterior or the other method? I hear first 3 days are the hardest ? any comments

How was your ROM and abilty to walk before surg?  I have anterior coming end of July. ROM is now 95%+

I can walk 3/4 mile with min pain med. I just added a TRX suspension at home , my PT guy said it would help pre and post rehab.

I wish you a speedy recovery.  Ed Fowler Zardog 

Bionic I wish they just give reg function parts no add on Bionic.


Thanks Ed.  Your story parallels mine.  I was bone on bone, walking with poles daily, slowly and painfully, </= 1 mile.  My procedure was a minimal impact posterior.  It’s my surgeons specialty, and I really like what he did for my knees.  So I cast aside all advice from friends about the advantages or disadvantages of approaches.  I wanted this done quickly, before the virus shut down elective surgery.  To my amazement, the surgeon told me just before going to the operating room to forget about all I’ve heard about restrictions of movement immediately post surgery.  ’We have relaxed all the restrictions you’ve heard about.  Just don’t do anything that hurts like hell.’

TMI Alert.

As to the toughest days, mine was the second week, roughly days 7-10.  I’m pretty tough about physical pain, but not intestinal distress.  I can’t sleep, eat, or even think with the latter.  They give you a massive dose of antibiotic with the surgery as protection against bone infection, which is really bad.  It wipes out your gut bacteria, both the good ones and the bad ones and the bad ones come back faster than the good ones.  When you’re still on the heavy opiod pain killers you’ll feel pretty good but they cause massive constipation, which helps aggravate problem #2, above.  I stopped opioids at 6 days and went to as little ibuprofen as needed for reasonable comfort.  My primary care doc doesn’t like NSAIDs, but she is 30 something and doesn’t understand, so I make pragmatic choices cautiously.  It’s been 15 days now and I’m feeling good, gaining strength and ROM every day.

2 months ago

Hi denis - very soon I get one next week.  I appreciate your time to post. And cander to talk about a shittty subject. 

PREHAB doing well added a TRX like suspension system for 20$. ROM at 95%, Strength at 90% +

Started 6/17/2020  Prehab, the nice thing since most of us have some body maintenance 4 weeks things come right back. Add a bit of protein, glutamine, creatine.   15/5/5 grams per day nothign excessive. 

Stretch bands, dumbells and Walking 1/2 mile a day. N omroe then 50 lbs. 

The combo of antibiotics and Opiods mess up the end pipe issue. No need to sugar coat it is a horrible feeling. 

I should get a probiotic ???? did you ??? 

I was recommened Seanna-s  - Not cheap as first choice  not only that generics sold out - 80 cents a pill 1.60 a day

and Merilax for move if if the first choice is not working. 


NSAIDS had to stop meloxicam 7.5 every 24 for a week. Works wonders for OA. I Roller painted a living room and the pain in nerve so bad even narcotics would not help. The issue of meloxicam is 40% maybe heart attack. My docs don’t  like me on it. 

I will be on 325 Asprin for 6 weeks no other NSAIDS - only tylonol - I have script for Hydrocodone - 30 mg a day, Surg will prescribe more.

I did have a full 5 years check echocardiogram and from all labs etc, all is good.

MY vItamin D is chronic low and had to preload D3 

added IRON in a multivitamin for added hlep with bone growth 

Fine tuned hyroid med by  weight I lost and kept off 45 lbs. 

That will help the hip.   Funny my implant comes from Draper UTAH

Friend  gave me a free Cold Rush Icee machine- the supply llines failed. 10$ new PVC ,(barb, glue, clamp)

they are much nicer then ICE Gel packs  HOw much did you use ICE and how many days???

I wish you a speedy  painless recovery.  Ed Fowler Aka ZARDOG 

For skiing I may go back to my buttt/hips pads, at leat in the race course. 







2 months ago

MY SURG is Anterior specialist and has 15 years.  Brother in law mother in law many other friends too.


JimK - DCSki Columnist
2 months ago

Good luck Ed.  Let us know how it goes.  Any number of us could be following in the footsteps of you and Denis someday.

Denis - DCSki Supporter
2 months ago

Probiotic yes.  Yogurt as well.  It’s almost a month now and on a good day I feel I could ski.  As long as there is no snow I don’t have to put up or shut up about that.  Ha!  

2 months ago

Hello all,  the truth pain just surg day and yesterday - maybe 2 out of 10 level lthis am no pain meds for 8 hours 

Sleep wa 2 to 3 hrs then up tehn back to sleep got in 7 hrs 

When I painted the lliving room the cyst presses on the nerve and no narcotics kill that pain. 

I had 2 labral teas which cause the cysts reaction to leaking synovial fluid 

Bone spur and few pieces of bone or fragments. 

Worst issue Hiccups - anesthesia  spinal reaction - Doc can order a med for that. 

I will take it easy 2 weeks and only do the  BOOK 6 exercises and 300 -500 ft of walking per  day with only a cane

1 set up and down stairs 10 to 14 steps.

Wear compression socks a must and shorts will help. 

Proof 4 weeks of prehab ROM 2 weeks and Strength really helps.

Monday They had 20 Orthro surgeries.

If you are in the Baltimore Area. Dr Marc  Hungerford is the Doc. highly rated. Staff all around  may my stay  plesant.

The fornt line is scared of covid in the fall. Bite all you want but just ware  a mask and hand wash and distance.

Not hard to do and it will make a  difference. Do it for Them they have to work. 

Thank you Denis for the tips Probiotics I have a 4 type 11$ for 30 days

Lot of yougurt  :o)

Take care all.







Denis - DCSki Supporter
2 months ago

Keep up the fight.  In a month you’ll be a new man.  2 days past one month and had my post op check yesterday.  X-ray looks good.  Ball and socket bigger than I expected.  Bone is good.  Doc gave me an A+.  Ordered a pair of impact shorts.


2 months ago

Hello at Day 12.

Week 1 - only hiccups, well medicated 

Week 2 - 8/3 left thigh calf and  foot swelling 2x the right side.

sttill swollen but a bit less should subside in a few more days.

When you stand the  hydrostatic shock says OUCH

The surface temp of left leg vs right at peak was 6 degrees warmer.

now at 4 degrees difference.

Denis - yes yogurt and probiotics do wonders with laxitive management.

PT Rehab - by the book low key- Milestone Sat I walked with cane 1/4 mile.I can get most chores done except carry over 10 lbs like trash taking out or laundry.

Should be cleared to drive by end of upcoming week. Post Surg visit tues.











Denis - DCSki Supporter
2 months ago


hope the swelling and excess warmth has gone down.  Watch out for infection.  It’s serious.


2 months ago

Ahhhhh. On the 2 week post visit my PA ran a vascular check for DVT and clots all good. I tend to swell more. The heat is from cellular activity. kinda cool. 

Swelling is expected the first 4 weeks, I will be week 4 next tues. So all is good.

it suckked getting otu of bed - the pressure in calf would yell loudly. that has gone away.

Best to describe like a bee sting and swelling, very hot and lots of pressure. 

ICE - 150 lbs in my ice machine and Gle packs. it pulls the heat out. 

I can walk no cane and no issues in the gait.

Not one symptom that I had before the surgery. NO muscle spasms or sciatica lock up and  numb.

My HOOS score (free at orthotoolkit.net)  my score in may was 6.9  0 is the worst.

Monday scored 73 very nice.

PT wise told to keep it under 1/4 mile a day and no more then 3 sets of stairs.  Normal walk indoors runs about 600-800 feet a day.

Mid Sept I can add on strength and ROM that will take 4 weeks - I expect by early Oct. at 90% ROM/Strength. 

I would opt for surgery again this seems to be successful. 

Take care Ed 



one month ago

HOOS Score at 4 weeks at 94. up from 74.    - score sheest can be found at orthotoolkit.net 

Much less ice, swelling and better movement. I was icing 18 hrs a day it seemed like.

Now maybe 2 to 3 hours.

walk sequence remodeling = correct biomechnics slow  doing well as in perfect.

tues will be 5 weeks. last wed I walked without a cane, grass field with grandson.

I will not kid anyone still not a fun rehab but when are rehabs fun? 

You will cherish the first full nights sleep. 

the link is a vid you can see me bend. Chad Grandson and I having a BLAST with STEM - Model rockets


I no longer and have not experienced any old symptoms I had before esp sciatic nerve pinch and lock up.

no issue weaning from narcotics. 




Denis - DCSki Supporter
one month ago


Great.  Love the model rocketry.  My son and I did that.


one month ago

Grandkids - Rockets Estes has a nice set of lesson plans and who does not like rockets :o)  Chad is a mini me. He is limited by his age and physical strength, but we like to work on cars and computers. I teach that things work for a reason, and how to observe. STEM. 

I have the 2nd grade curriculum form his school, BTW impressive, and we can learn together. One goal is to develop lesson plans for kids with ski and snowboard in mind. Kids like to learn with fun and apply practical experience. 



one month ago

SWEETNESS, at week 6, HOOS SCORE now 98 /100   the avg rehab part 1 is 6 to 12 weeks. part 2 is 6 to 9 months. ie bone to grow around the implant matrix. That is why I will not be skiing green easy till late feb 2021. No reasonn to rush and focus on 2021/22 to race. At 57 no spring chicken 

OFF pain meds narcotics, min tylenol 

walking no cane, perfect mechnics. 

NEx tweek I come off weight lift restrictions. can  add 5x5 adn stretch bands that will bring strength back in 4 weeks.

ROM TOE IN 95% toe out 95%  Knee lift up standing 75% 

cannot sit and lift and place left foot over right knee. 

swelling at 5% and not much ice use. I was icing 18 hrs a day for 4 weeks.

I think my main flaw in ski stance is fixed . Interesting 

I have the bill under 25k$. about 8k$ was implant and tools. Anterior my doc is a pro at this method. 

next week Will post the actual process and tools used.  

Time to research and write a risk mitagation / injury for returnign to racing. It is your choice but understand the risks.

few things- HEAT yes the joint will heat up with activity. Ski and racing we get to rest on a lift. GOOD.

WEAR the cup liner is a high end plastic and can be replaced, that requires surg and 5 weeks rehab.  

Broken Femur - the implanrt stem is inside the Femur canal. Surg to repair.  I plan to wear body armor for my shorts. 

Falls taken 5 to remember for a lifetime ( 25 years skiing) and I know why each time and mostly my fault of a bad decision. SO a Will take less chances or be less stupid :o) 

To Denis and  the rest before me thanks good data capture and a ton of knowledge. 

ed zardog skiracerxray 


one month ago

Well wishes Denis and Ed. This thread, and Morgan’s interview, are particularly interesting to me right now as I deal with my first serious injury and first ortho surgery. I’m 4.5 weeks post-surgery for a femur/hip emergency repair. Looking forward to my 6-week visit and getting all-clear to weight-bear and begin the work.

one month ago

Good luck, we are fortunate to have the medical care available. PRos quit when they tire of rehab. my team was the “A” team. and planned out. usually different for emergency injury.

 maybe more vitamin D and iron some things can help but the usual check your doctor.  I am Vit D low all the time SUN does not work for me. Typical is a multi vitamin with iron during prep and post healing.  I can now add protein, creatine and glutamine for supplement. Don’t laugh the stuff works not in excess no big $$$.   I need to add that to my hip web page, duh… 

I was not fully prepared  for ICE 18 hrs a day for 4 weeks and the leg swelling and HEAT. - all cell activiity.

Sleep inturruption. The rest was fine.

NO issues weaning from oxy I now have energy. 

SLOW and Steady I like to push too hard so my DOCS kept on me to let the body have time. You cannot speed up cellular repair.

In may case week 7 ROM toe in /out 100% - Leg knee lift still 75% the muscles/it band near the surg area are still sotra numb as expected. Should take me 4 weeks of stretch bands, 5x5 stronglift , the suspension system and now a Trek bike a freind gave me. 

I can walk up to 1 mile a day. NO running or Yoga. Rest is good to go. 

You may want to have a suspension system for workout very nice for rehab, and my balance  pad you can make from poll noodles. I have to avoid a gym due to my risk profile. I have weights Bosu suspension stretch bands and the bike. 

this link is a playlist for my dryland rehabs. works well for HIP, Glutes Legs. My PhdPT reviews. This guy taught me well. his link is noted in the comments onn you tube. I met him when he was in my ski club and young undergrad. 


Stretch bands - 4 ways lift up toe in and out really work and makes your brain reconnect to the minor muscles.  My third rehab using for legs hips and I am sold.  Pool rehab is nice too, Suspension is nice. 


I completed my risk in sport self assessment- Less then 1/2 percent. But I know the worst case issues of injury to my implant. 

need 6 months of bone growth before I can ski. mid to late FEB.  I have no screws pins or cement all hand fitted. 

Ski season I will limit rotation ie slalom turns just use knees and ankles. wear my lower body armor, Keep it to under 30 mph and enjoy life. 

Following season  I will race not take stupid risks and only race days the conditions are optimal. they happen 30%. 

take care all about time. Ed 

18 days ago

Good Day all, at 10 Weeks and Fantastic - my bike rides get easier as I build cardio and muscle strength over all. HOOS Score 100/100.

ROM range of motion better then original. No pain - yeah all symptoms from before are gone. First 4 weeks the hard part.

Take care to all 



18 days ago

I’m at almost 8 weeks post-surgery and getting close to walking w/o crutches. 

Range of motion - great

Strength - good

Coordination - needs work

9 days ago

Camp keep on going. at 11 weeks and  I can climb a ladder and stand on a rung 1 hr or more and no pain. Before replacement there would have been pain. I spent a month before surg prehab and that helped. 

Coordination  I had to go back to perfect slow mechnical movement of actual thought. Kinda like brain connection stuff. Once you are off crutches. I was able to go Cane only day after surgury. I guess I am lucky hindsight 

Denis?? how are you doing ?? 


9 days ago

skiracerx wrote:

Camp keep on going.

Usung this cane. I can take a few steps w/o it. Muscles wear out quickly. Doing pt and exercises many times/week. Have done some sets of up/down stairs with no hands, but I can’t do it every day or every time. 

JimK - DCSki Columnist
9 days ago

Best wishes Camp and others, hope you are back on the slopes soon.  In the grand scheme of things, if you have to miss out on some skiing due to rehab, 2020 is probably the year to do it.

Denis - DCSki Supporter
9 days ago

Thanks friends.  We have a nice support group here.  

Saw my surgeon for a 3 month checkup last week.  He asked me to walk up and down the hall, then challenged the young intern with him to identify the surgical hip, left or right.  She couldn’t tell.  That said, I have been plateaued for a few weeks at a level lower than I’d like.  He said to expect that.  The long term trend will be upward but you’re going to have some setbacks and plateaus.  So I doubled down on the rehab exercises and got a bike trainer that effectively converts my bike to a stationary bike.  It’s always there, ready for use in my entryway.  Yesterday’s walk was a breakthrough improvement.  This has happened before; the real test will be how I feel over the next 3-4 days.

My last day of skiing was Jan. 29.  It started icy but softened up nicely.  I was on new gear, NTN , new telemark norm.  It is so powerful that alpine parallel turns feel as good as on alpine race gear.  (I used to race, long ago.). Once it softened, I started with tele turns, even got a “you’re the man” from 2 young snowboarders.  2 days later the pain started, almost couldn’t walk.  My primary care doc said it was a groin strain which can be quite painful and slow to heal.  PT was prescribed but I stopped going by early March due to concern about Covid.  I’m at high risk.  Months went by with no visible improvement, even though I continued with the exercises the PT had prescribed.  I wanted to get an x-ray and MRI and consult with the surgeon who did such a great job on my knees but was afraid to go to medical facilities.  Finally, I did go and the x-ray showed bone on bone in my right hip.  I had the replacement on June 29, 5 lost months after the precipitating incident.  Now, my period of limited to almost no activity has gone on for 8 months.  You can’t do that at age 80 (79 actually) and come back like a kid.  It’s going to take some hard work.  BTW the surgeon thinks I never had a groin or other muscular injury.

Good luck and keep fighting everybody, for all the recovery you can get.

9 days ago

Denis wrote:

……My primary care doc said it was a groin strain which can be quite painful and slow to heal.  ………BTW the surgeon thinks I never had a groin or other muscular injury.

Geez, I hate to hear that. We are always at such a disadvantage in the medical environment.​ 

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