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A Message from DCSki’s Editor

Over 25 years ago, I created DCSki as an on-line community for winter sports enthusiasts in the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond. Original feature stories are supplemented with vibrant community discussion, resulting in a comprehensive set of resources for avid skiers and snowboarders. A small number of advertisers support DCSki, but this only covers a fraction of the fixed costs of running the site, and doesn’t compensate the countless hours of time I pour into DCSki each year.

Unlike other sites, DCSki does not participate in cross-site ad networks, and does not plaster ads all over pages. We consider that disrespectful to users. Although this significantly reduces our revenue, it protects your privacy and reduces page load times.

If you enjoy DCSki and would like to contribute to help keep the site running, there are two ways you can show your support.

DCSki’s Patreon site allows you to set up a recurring monthly donation as small as $1 per month, helping to cover DCSki’s year-round expenses. To become a patron of DCSki through Patreon, click here.

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Thanks in advance for your support — I appreciate it!

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